Visualization As A Manifesting Tool

When you wish to manifest, visualization is a powerful tool at your disposal. Athletes have known about visualization for years, even if they have not referred to it by using The Law of Attraction, this is exactly what they have been doing. Many athletes have used visualization to see themselves scoring the winning touchdown or winning that big game or even getting that Olympic medal. Visualization has been used for years.

The best thing about visualization is that it is fun! Once you start using visualization, you really can have a lot of fun envisioning what you desire. It can help you manifest what you want much quicker than simply setting your intention. It is said that using visualization is about three times more effective than just setting an intention for something you wish to manifest.

So if you haven’t visualized, you may be wondering how do it. It is pretty easy. Take any issue or desire that you have and “see” with your mind’s eye what you would like. A visual thinker may have some advantage to doing this quicker, but others will catch on to this as well. It is suggested to focus on what really gets your attention about what you want; this will make creating your visualization easy. So if you want to manifest a car, focus on what it feels like to be behind the wheel of your new car. See yourself getting into your new car. See your new license plate. See yourself giving your friends and family rides in your new car. Or see yourself parking the car in your driveway. Focus on what feels the most fun and exciting to you. What catches your attention and emotions will make your visualizations the most powerful. Every person is different, so what might appeal to one person might not work for another. Your visualization needs to be personalized just for you.

Try doing your visualization several times a day. A visualization typically takes less than five minutes. Once you have a scene you can keep in your mind, it is easy to run it over and over. You just want to focus on getting yourself excited and into a positive mood. The more emotional and “into” your visualization you can get, the more effective it can be. So if you can only do two very focused visualizations a day, that is more effective than five not-so-focused visualizations during the day.

If you are having trouble with your visualizations, try asking yourself if this is what you really want. Sometimes when we start to picture something in our mind’s eye, we discover that we want something else. Or we discover that our belief system needs some changing in order to help support our visualization. Your belief system needs to be positive and accepting of what you want to visualize, otherwise you will not be able to manifest it.

Visualization is a very useful Law of Attraction tool that many enjoy using. Once you have tried it, you’ll certainly want to do it again and again!